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Who we are

CorpPlus is a business solution and leading website design company specialises in web design, web development, web hosting, CRM software and eCommerce solutions. Here at CorpPlus, we believe that a quality product will emerge when you combine a client’s brilliant ideas, the creative imagination of our web designers and expertise of our web development team.
Whether you are building a complete brand from scratch or improving an existing website design, our staff of web designers, web developers, copywriters and Internet marketers will provide you with unsurpassed quality and dedication to your project. We provide end-to-end web design solutions at competitive rates, which makes us the best web design company for your website design, Search Engine Optimisation and graphic design needs.
Our web design and web application development are developed based on our understanding of your business and your customers. At CorpPlus, we emphasise the importance of effective, stylish, clean and navigation friendly web design for all projects. Every website we do, adds immense value to our client's business.

Our vision

"If you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful".
As we pursue the best implementation of our vision, we are guided by the values we hold dear, including Integrity, Service, and Partnership.
It is important to our team to let each client know what the success of your business means to us. We create effective websites & website services that increase the success of your company.It’s what we are all about!

Our process

CorpPlus believes in a simple and linear process which is intuitive to both the client and the technical team. The process flow takes the following route...

Phase 1: Requirement gathering phase

Once we have submitted the Quote and we get a green signal to proceed, the phase of requirement gathering starts. Our design team collaborates with your team to extract all the details related to the design. This ensures that the project is initiated with a common understanding of the objectives of website.

Phase 2: First Design Draft is submitted

After all the requirements have been gathered by our design team, they get back to their drawing boards in creating the very first draft of the design. This draft is submitted to the client for a first look at the future of their website. The actual iterative improvements start after the feedbacks are provided from the client to CorpPlus team.

Phase 3: Revisions

The source of revisions is the First Design Draft. Every revision ensures that the subsequent design draft is better than the earlier versions. After successive revisions, the draft starts to take shape and the final website looks set to be published.

Phase 4: Finalize & approve the Design Draft

The final design draft is the result of successive improvements. The client gives the approval - that all the design specifications have been incorporated in the design. The next steps is the gathering of all the graphics which the client wants to be part of the website.

Phase 5: Thank you & Site delivery!

Once all the graphics have been incorporate into the final approved version, the site with all its bells and whistles is reviewed by the client. Their sign off on the site is necessary to upload your website to your hosting server. We can also email the site files to you so you can upload and host on your own. Good Luck!

Mission statement

We help companies of all sizes to use established and emerging technologies to do their web businesses and marketing.
Our experienced teams of designers, developers and tech specialists are committed to delivering top quality service - starting with impressive web design through adding powerful functionality that extends over to professional maintenance of the customer's web pages.
For over past years we have been delivering effective, creative website site designs and application development for our clients from many countries.